Winsor Tucker Scholarship Application

This is a very generous, renewable 4-year scholarship set up by Mr. Tucker upon his death and is administered by the York Community Foundation according to his wishes. Last year, five scholarships were awarded ranging from $8,000 to $13,500 annually.

Winsor H. Tucker was born in 1930, and lived in York, Nebraska all of his life. When Winsor was 17 years old, he was struck down by a rare disease that left him wheel chair bound for the remainder of his life. He did walk across the stage, with the aid of crutches, to receive his high school diploma. He attended York College for a year, but was not able to finish his education due to his disability. 

Winsor' s parents owned a sale barn north of York, where he worked for many years. He was a very intelligent man who had a great interest in education and learning. He studied the stock market and made a large share of his money in the stock market. 

In 1999 Winsor Tucker passed away, leaving a large portion of his estate to the York Community Foundation to establish a scholarship fund. The first Winsor Tucker Scholarships were awarded in 2000. 

The eligibility criteria for the scholarship are very specific and the academic criteria are very rigorous. However, the use of the money as to where and how it may be used is extremely generous.

Because the application requires a letter of application and three letters of recommendation, we suggest that you notify your students of this scholarship as early as possible. Thank you for all that you do to assist your students in becoming successful in their academic endeavors. 

Scott Kohmetscher, 
Chairman Winsor Tucker Scholarship Committee


All scholarship application materials must be completed and returned to the scholarship committee no later than February 28, 2022.  If necessary, interviews will be held.  Applicants will be notified.

An applicant graduating from the following schools shall be eligible regardless of his or her residence: York High School, McCool Junction High School, Heartland Community High School, or Nebraska Lutheran High School. An applicant graduating from any other school district that includes York County property must reside in York County. 

The maximum amount of the scholarship shall be equal to fifty percent of the total cost of undergraduate study at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 

The scholarship committee shall give academic achievement a seventy percent weight and all other factors a thirty percent weight. 

Recipients must be in the top fifteen percent of their class and taking a college preparatory class if their school offers one and have recorded an ACT composite score of at least 27. Physical fitness may be taken into consideration, but athletic prowess, or lack of it, is not to be considered. 

There shall be two to five grants each year and there shall be no restrictions as to which college or university the student attends, as long as it is accredited and the student carries a normal course load in a program leading to a degree. The grants may be used for tuition, books, laboratory fees, and other fees. They shall be paid directly to the institution. 

The term of the scholarship shall be for four years. However, at the end of each academic year, the scholarship committee shall review the record of the students, or their designee, and the scholarship shall be renewed only if the student maintains a 3.0 or a B grade point average. 

Please use the fillable PDF application and reference forms.

Email completed forms to:

or Mail to:  Winsor Tucker Scholarship Committee

                   York Community Foundation

                   603 N Lincoln Ave., York, NE 68467.